Sabalenka leads the tennis round in the Belarus de-escalation

The tennis

The blind is closed until Monday, July 13, although the perspective indicates that this period of suspension will continue. The US Open It continues to appear as an option at the end of August, although the global nature of this sport means that many athletes have already commented that they do not expect to compete officially until 2021.

Proof of the uncertainty and problems generated by the professional tennis infrastructure itself is that the Australian Open he manages, among the possible scenarios, an absolute suspension from 2021, as the worst, and being the best currently playing the tournament after having put the players in quarantine and with only an Australian public.

In favor of tennis, since there is a distance of more than twenty meters between one opponent and the other, the contact is non-existent. This is allowing the competition to return to the local and exhibition level. It already happened recently in Germany, an appointment is finalized in the United States, in Florida, as well as in the south of France. The federations of Australia, Great Britain, France and Spain They are also designing their own national circuits, in various cities and with some of their top ranked tennis players in ATP and WTA.

It is the current case of the Belarusian Cup (Belarus Insurance Cup), which takes place this Wednesday and Thursday in the capital, Minsk, in covered pavilion and fast track. Following the scale that is being imposed for now in the return to the matches: without an audience, only a chair judge arbitrating without the help of the lines (in this appointment wearing a mask), there are no ball boys and no physical greetings.

At the forefront of this event, Aryna Sabalenka, number 11 in the world, which like its participating compatriots has had to undergo Aliaksandra Sasnovicha medical test. Among them, the also known.

Group format and the best of the two, of four tennis players each, play the final. Identical in the masculine frame. Matches are fast, with sets to four games and a supertiebreak in the third.

The tournament can be followed by Youtube.


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