‘Ryan’s is a great signing’

La Real hopes to be able to make official the signing of Mathew (Maty) Ryan, the 29-year-old goalkeeper from Brighton. The agreement with the English club and with the Australian is complete and some fringes need to be closed to carry out the operation. The goalkeeper awaits news from Los Angeles. Joseph
Otxotorena (Donostia, 1961) knows him perfectly by working for a year and a half with him between 2015 and 2107 at Valencia, a team in which he continues to work as goalkeeping coach.

“For me the Real is right,” says the 60-year-old from Gipuzkoa. “He is a goalkeeper with very complete conditions; I would not dare to highlight a plot, but he has a very strong physique, is very powerful and plays very well with his feet ”. For all this, he believes that “he will adapt very well to the Real’s offensive system.” This last aspect was a sine que non condition for signing for the Anoeta club: “It is one of the qualities he has: he takes risks and has security in his hits.”

Otxoto’Maintains contact with the‘ aussie ’and that is why he affirms that“ I know he intended to leave, he had reached an agreement with Brighton with the irruption of Robert
Sanchez”. It will arrive free and the Real will pay a maximum of 1.1 million euros in variables.

In a year and a half in Valencia he only played 23 games: “It did not come to fruition completely due to a meniscus injury. There were two or three changes of coaches, he did not have continuity and when he recovered Diego
AlvesHe asked to leave because he was playing the starting position in the Australian national team. And then came Marcelino with Net and he was transferred ”, relates the one who was his coach at the time.

He speaks perfect Spanish

Otxotorena also states that Ryan “He lives football, takes good care of himself, knows the League and is very hard-working and intelligent”, so “I’m glad to see him at Real” and concludes: “It seems like a great signing.” Also, understand that with Alex
Remiro: “There will be a good fight.” Of course, he will not resign himself to being a substitute: “He is an ambitious boy, he wants to play and he is going to give that point of competitiveness to the position.” He accepts that Remiro starts with an advantage because “he seems more consolidated and has had a positive evolution”, but the Australian “will be a solid alternative and will give greater weight to the position”. In his opinion, Ryan, who speaks perfect Spanish, “is going to compete and is going to force Alex to the fullest”.