Ruth Sanz collapses on the set of ‘Save me’: ‘Iker Casillas was the love of my life’

Ruth Sanz he returned yesterday to ‘Save me’To give more details about his alleged love affair with the former footballer Iker Casillas. After ensuring that he maintained a romance that lasted more than 6 years with the legendary captain of the Real Madrid, He assured that he felt “used” by him and that “he was never up to the task.”

“I fell in love like a fool with Iker Casillas, but I began to see many lies, I felt used, “he started. “I was very much in love, I was 25 years old and he was god to me, and he is still god to me. I admire him enormously, my father admired him enormously… at that moment he was the love of my life ”.

On the other hand, Ruth He confessed that “my father knew I was with him, but he never saw him, he sent him gloves, signed photos… and he said to me: ‘Daughter, but this boy loves you?’, and I said yes but to understand that we couldn’t get out”.

“For me he was never up to the task so now I understand many things. Right now I would tell him to change, to value women, to love them, to respect them … just that. Do not do to anyone what you have done to me, you hurt me and I think no one deserves that, to be hidden or not recognized. Be more loyal and more man, “he said.

“This statement is heartbreaking, Ruth, because you can’t have love… ”was the reaction of Carlota Corredera. “I’m not seeing you as in the‘Deluxe’, I’m seeing you excited and hurt… today you’re transmitting to me,” she transmitted Kiko Hernandez.