Russia fires Cherchesov

The Football Union of Russia (UFR) on Thursday rescinded the contract with the technical director of the Russian team, Stanislav Cherchesov, after the recent failure of his team at Euro 2020.

“Together with Stanislav we made the decision to terminate his contract” announced the president of the UFR, Alexandr Diukov, on the Union’s Telegram channel.

According to the manager, “the UFR will begin the search for candidates for the position of head coach who will prepare the team for the elimination matches of the 2022 World Cup.”

The Russian team did not qualify for the round of 16 at Euro 2020 and took last place in group B after two defeats.

On July 30, Cherchesov he accepted responsibility for the failure of the national team at the Eurocup, after the Technical Committee of the Russian Football Union declared his work unsatisfactory.

According to the coach, the team was well prepared “on a functional level”, but did not have enough “courage and emotions” that would have helped “the players to loosen up and show their best qualities.”

That same day, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, suggested making changes in the direction of the soccer and ice hockey teams following the failures in the 2020 soccer Eurocup and the hockey world championship.

The president confirmed that “the hockey team did not do a good job, and the soccer team, much worse. It is a fact that will not go unnoticed. But we have specialists and we must trust them,” he said.