Rummenigge: ‘Until now, I have always had an excellent relationship with Florentino’

The manager of the Bayern Munich, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, has returned to review in an interview in L’Equipe everything that happened in recent days regarding the failed Super League project. The head of the Bavarian club, who was not part of the 12 founding teams of the project, pointed out that he never thought that “he would live a week like the one we have experienced, having so many twists and turns. All the leaders are pissed off with Andrea Agnelli, but I am in favor of dialogue ”.

Regarding the other visible head of the project, that of Florentino Pérez, Rummenigge pointed out: “With Florentine I have always had excellent relationships so far. We must not forget that he is the president of the most famous club in the world. The president of the UEFA, Aleksander ceferin, just made an appeal to rebuild a good relationship with all the clubs and move on. I just hope that Florentino listens to him this way ”, advised the former German player and coach.

Lastly, regarding the complicated possibility that exists of the return of “superficialities” as Florentino pointed out, Rummenigge disagrees and made it clear. “What’s the problem? In the PSG, Kylian
Mbappe you are in good hands, you can win it all in the next few weeks. As to Haaland, is also in an excellent club, which can win the German Cup and qualify for the Champions. Let’s not forget that the Madrid he continues as competitive as ever, being able to win La Liga or the Champions League ”, he declared.