Rulli’s shadow is long

Rulli He was officially introduced as a Real player six years ago. After a bizarre arrival in which he had to wait confined in a hotel in Amsterdam while his transfer was definitively closed, the Argentine goalkeeper definitely dressed the elastic txuri urdin in Zubieta on August 2, 2014. Six years and 170 games later The goalkeeper from La Plata is more past than future at Real, but his presence on the blue and white squad – he has a contract until 2022 – conditions movements in Real’s goal. Rulli’s shadow remains elongated.

Under normal conditions, Michael
Moyá He should have already seen his contract with Real renewed. It was the forecast of both the player and the club in the event that, as it was, the team of Imanol
Sheriff get a place in the Europa League 20/21. Twelve days after a new preseason begins in Zubieta, however, the Majorcan goalkeeper is without a team, waiting for the move from Anoeta. Their waiting will not be eternal either. Although the market is more delayed than other years, the teams, little by little, will be making their templates and although the priority of the veteran Balearic goalkeeper is to continue in Donostia, he will not risk losing any good opportunity that comes his way. Moyá will not be available for the Real ‘sine die’.

Goalkeepers overbooking

The problem with Real to keep Moyá in his squad is the overbooking of goalkeepers available to him. Counting to Zubiaurre and the promising Ayesa, who is now the keeper of the quarry with the most pedigree to project to the first team, there are four who orbit around the Real. The two signings (Remiro and Rulli) and the two youth squads (Zubiaurre and Ayesa). Add a fifth element to that poker by renewing the contract to Moyá It is an a priori reckless maneuver since the club would run the risk, in the event of not being able to finally get Rulli out, of staying with a surplus of goalkeepers that is hardly bearable.

The club’s first move, therefore, would have to be to find a destination to Rulli, movement that does not seem easy. Already last year it was difficult to find an accommodation for him, Montpellier, the club in which he played this past campaign and has ruled out committing him, because it is expensive, and on the other hand, as MD reported on Friday, the player has rejected the first two offers that They have reached your agent. Finding a proposal that satisfies all parties, with which the Real and the goalkeeper win, will not be easy. It seems unlikely, therefore, that as long as this scenario is maintained, the txuri urdin club will step forward to renew Moyá, which should wait or, if it gets tired, change of scenery very reluctantly.

They don’t rule out Remiro-Rulli

In Anoeta, in fact, they do not rule out that they are finally Remiro and Rulli the goalkeepers with whom Imanol attacks the season. It is not the desired couple because the presence of the Argentine as a theoretical substitute goalkeeper, due to his profile, can cause a more uncomfortable situation than if he is Moyá who occupies the position. The Mallorcan has perfectly fulfilled his mission in this role, both in terms of giving up in sports when the coach has requested him, as well as in his personal relationship with Remiro. Both have given numerous signs of respecting each other and living in perfect harmony, something that Rulli it is more in doubt can occur with the same fluidity.

Six years after his arrival, Rulli is back in the limelight at this time. For one thing or another, it has been rare the summer in which he has not been involved in the market, conditioning the planning of the Real.