Rulli says goodbye to Montpellier and returns to the discipline of Real

Rulli He has said goodbye to Montpellier on his last day of contract with the French club. Through a few lines posted on social networks, the Argentine goalkeeper thanks the French club in which he has played this season, until he was definitively suspended in France due to the coronavirus, and his fans. “It has been a pleasure playing with you in Ligue 1, I wish you all the best. Health”. With that brief message, the La Plata goalkeeper ends his stay in Montpellier and rejects the possibility of continuing there for at least one more season. Thus the things, Rulli, for the moment, he returns to the discipline of the Royal, with which he has a contract until 2022, although the intention of Robert
Olabe and the txuri urdin club is to transfer it this summer. The market opens on August 4 and closes on October 5.

In fact, one of the reasons why Gero
Rulli He does not stay at Montpellier, where he was declared the third best goalkeeper in the category, it was that Real did not accept a second year of loan, as Montpellier proposed, unable even to approach the 11 million euros of his choice shopping.

Smells like ‘hot potato’ again. Real are determined to recover the 7 million euros they paid for it, but for this they must receive an unlikely offer of 10 kilos, since Manchester City retains 30% of its federative rights.

However, there are still decisions to be made regarding the Txuri Urdin goal. The determination was to renew downward to Michael
Moyá assuming that the team was going to compete in Europe for sure next season. The latest results have compromised this continental participation and they must still look for companions to Remiro. One can be Andoni
Zubiaurre, whatever happens.