Ruibal: ‘We have four finals to go to Europe’

Aitor Ruibal, author of the Real Betis goal and one of the highlights of his team, analyzed the 1-1 in José Zorrilla against Real Valladolid: “In the first half it took us more to get to the area, but I think we deserved a little more. Scoring always counts. We have to stay with the attitude of the team. There is a bittersweet taste because we have had three or four clear chances and we have not been able to mark them ”, said the Catalan footballer after the game before the Movistar cameras.

“You have to be calm, we are still there. You have to stay with the point and there are four finals left to continue fighting ”, Ruibal tried to reassure those who think that the European place can escape after six draws in a row.

Asked about what Betis could have missed to take the three points, Ruibal was clear: “Put it in, that the second would have entered and from there have had the ball. With the 0-1 they have improved and we have gotten a little behind and they have tied us. We are still there, the team is doing well, and there are four finals left so that the team can be in Europe, which is what we all want ”.

By last, Ruibal downplayed a
blow suffered in the second part, shortly before being replaced: “It was only a blow. They have put ice on me and that’s it, to think about the next game, “he concluded.