Rufián portrays Florentino on twitter: ‘The key is not the journalists who have put …’

The audios of Florentino Pérez published in the last days by ‘The confidential’They are giving a lot to talk about, and not just in terms of sports.

And it is that in addition to criticizing former players and former coaches, the president of Real Madrid was recorded talking about how to control some non-related media and to take legal action against journalists to try to silence them.

“Luis Fernández (president of RTVE between 2007 and 2009) is a Madrid-based Taliban. Let me tell you one thing, he has already removed Roberto Gómez’s contract. To put, let’s say, a detail. As it was hired, it was not fixed, and it would have to be renewed, it has not been renewed. In that program that he had in the news and behind ‘El Rondo’, do not worry. ‘El Rondo’ will no longer exist, never again”Is one of the most delicate conversations recorded with Florentino, which was also comfortably dispatched with one of the most media journalists in our country.

“And what about Roncero, male? If someone were to say something to Roncero, he would wrinkle. It is that in the demand that you have to go now, once the summary secret is lifted and such. You have to go for Roncero. You have to go criminally for Roncero, because he is the one who gives you coverage in all this. You have to go for Roncero”He threatened.

This way of proceeding has bothered many people, including Gabriel Ruffian.

ERC’s parliamentary spokesperson in Congress He has not cut a hair when reflecting on the power that the businessman has had and has.

The key is not the journalists that Florentino has placed or removed, the key is the Ministers of Development that Florentino has placed or removedRufián wrote on his twitter account, a few words that, as usual, have raised considerable dust.