Rufete: ‘We will fight until there is a silver lining’

Rufete, interim coach of Espanyol, He stated this Saturday in the preview of the Leganés visit that his team will leave their souls until is “the last remnant” of life. He acknowledges that beating the ga Lega ’tomorrow is an incentive to leave the bottom position and has hinted that there could be changes since there are soccer players who accumulate many minutes.

– Leganés arrives without Oscar, his best man and case of winning, would they leave the red lantern, an award?

“Getting out of there is not a prize but it is an incentive to face the four remaining games. There is a desire to win the first game since I have arrived, add three by three and see that utopia (salvation) is somewhat closer. I am happy because they understand that you must work to fight and fight for 90 minutes; it is our spirit and our identity and what I breathe in the locker room. In football it is not good to just make plans, but you have to fight for 90 minutes to the maximum for this shirt ”.

– How is mental fragility overcome? the team collapses quickly before a setback in the field

Against Real Madrid and Real Sociedad, it is true that when something negative happens we lack the drive to come back, but we have never lost face in the games. Yes, we lack confidence due to the situation we live in, but we did not lose face to the duels and that makes me optimistic to face the next matches with the desire to achieve the first victory ”.

– What is missing for the team to see more goals?

“In First Division it is as important to be strong behind as to have balance and a goal above. We have few goals and we are working so that the player has more calm and confidence to be able to score. The team has intensity and but we need to be more precise and successful on goal.

– What did you like most about your team these days?

“The desire to change and get out of this situation is what has given me the most encouragement to work. It is the first step, we want a victory because the players need it and they deserve it. We go for it with all our strength and energy. ”

– Give prominence to the youth of the subsidiary

“Those who play are because they train and work hard. What bothers me the most is not being able to give minutes to everyone who trains well. Of course I would like to give minutes to those of the subsidiary; It is great news that all those who leave take steps forward, it is good for everyone ”

– Tomás is to be a starter?

“He is making a great effort and tomorrow we will decide the alienation. Those who play many minutes in the previous game must be taken care of. They are all available and that is why they are in the call. ”

– Schedule at 17h is expected to be very hot tomorrow.

What I must say is that we are all looked at by the same standard. The temperatures are beginning to be difficult at 17:00 and 14:00 ”.

– Dose players for the derby

“There are players who have accumulated a lot of minutes and tomorrow I will see what alignment I make to try to win the game”

– Do you understand that the fans are tired due to the lack of explanations?

“I understand it and you have to accept it. Surely a high percentage are right. The only thing I can say is that we will leave our souls and criticism will help us all. We must continue to fight for the goal. We must finish the way this club deserves, competing, fighting and with victories. ”

– What will happen to the veterans who finish contract?

“These are situations that have been discussed at the club with the players and arise from responsibility. Those kinds of things will be said in due course from everyone’s responsibility. Now it’s time to fight until the last effort, until there is a last trace of life, of opportunity ”.

– It can take its toll and erode your figure

“If I am here it is because you should be and because you should not leave anything, or anyone, thrown away. My sport has taught me to show my face and if I have made the decision to be here it is because I believe in this locker room ”.

– What you are seeing will help you make decisions in the future?

“It is one thing to see the bulls from the sidelines and another as now is to fight. Now what I am seeing, I am not planning for the future, but only to win games. ”