Rufete: ‘I stand up for this club, and I will burn it or not’

He Spanish receives this Sunday (2:00 p.m.) at Eibar in a match corresponding to the 36th matchday of The league knowing that it is already a team of Second. For this reason, inevitably we are already looking to the next season, and in this sense the interim coach and sports director Rufete He was slightly annoyed this Saturday with the fact that in recent days it has been revealed that players like Raúl De Tomás and Leandro Cabrera they have favorable conditions to leave the club as a result of the decline. “Someone before me has already unveiled it. I am a person of confidentiality and of taking care of the information of the club. They have already said it, and although I am a sports director, there is little more to say when there are others who say it. What is clear, and I will always do it, is to tell the truth, ”he said in a message in which, without giving names, he throws a dart at the CEO José María Durán.

The Cabrera and De Tomás contracts have special features and can be issued provided the conditions are met

“Their contracts have their peculiarities. When we signed them we were last and they left great clubs to sign. We will talk to them and make the decisions that we have to make. They are an important part of the club until the opposite happens. Raúl has the possibility of leaving on loan to a First team as long as the conditions are met, but the purchase price is 60 million euros and 70 if it is international. And they can buy Cabrera and they also have the possibility to stay here. We will have to sit with them. There is a weakness on the part of the club, which is the category, but I also know what they want from the club and the involvement they are having, ”he explained. Rufete on RDT and Goatherd, who undoubtedly will not be short of ‘girlfriends’.

In the absence of confirming who will be the coach in Second, Rufete made it clear that once this course ends, he will return to the offices, where he is already working thinking about the return to First. “I have a responsibility, but I am part of a structure and I do not decide absolutely everything. The president has bet on me to generate a new model in the club and we are going to do that. I am training these seven games because I have been asked, but then I will return to my place. I stand up for this club and I will either burn or not burn. After tomorrow’s game there will be one more week of the League, and from there they will begin to make decisions as quickly as possible to make a template to generate the illusion of our people and step by step start to score points to return to First. There are situations that are already being handled, but it takes a week to define everything. We have to make a team with hunger and a sense of belonging to eat the land of those who need it. He Spanish it has to grow from there ”, he indicated Rufete.

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The president has bet on me to generate a new model in the club and we are going to do that

Finally, and after criticizing the fact that the game is played at 14:00 in the middle of July, he was convinced that the team will face the Eibar despite the fact that the armourer box is played much more than the Spanish in classificatory terms. “We faced it with intensity and the desire to win the match. It has been the goal for four games and we have to keep at it. We represent a club and a fans and we cannot finish in any way ”, he concluded.