Rubén García: ‘We will make a competitive team to be among the best’

Ruben Garcia, sports director of the Huesca, has announced the renewal of his contract for three more years with the Alto Aragonese club and has stressed that a “competitive” team will be made to be “among the best” in Segunda next season.

The leader of the Huesca club, at a press conference, took stock of the season that just ended in the First Division and outlined the project for the next one in Second.

“The beginning of the campaign was not good and although there was competition, details and results were lacking. By changing something the new coach improved the situation which allowed us to be alive until the end. The competition is cruel but a goal separates you from the First Division , although I think that with people in the stands it would have been different, “he said. Ruben Garcia.

The sports director thanked José Rojo “Pacheta” and his coaching staff “from the heart” for the work they did and because they had helped the team to be alive “until the end”.

“They did not arrive at an easy time and I understand that the coach is still eager to play the First Division and from here we wish him the best of luck,” he said.

Regarding the future, the most immediate thing is the hiring of a new coach, after Pacheta did not accept Huesca’s renewal offer, and having a “not too wide” squad, although he has indicated that the Second Division is “long and complicated.”

“Now we are looking for a new coach who will be in the next few days. A coach who has a clear idea of ​​a fresh, modern game and who is recognizable to win and be competitive,” he explained.

The sports director did not want to comment on which players with a contract will leave or how many new ones will come.

“There have been contacts with teams that are interested in some players who have had an extraordinary performance, but now we do not have any specific offer on any player. Also, I think the transfer market will be slow,” he said.

Rubén García has revealed that the club is willing to “make an effort” with a player, citing the case of “Sandro” Ramírez, who has a contract in force, and has also explained the interest in Juan Carlos and Pedro Mosquera continuing the that they have been made an offer for it.