Rubén Cortada narrates the ordeal that he has lived in Cuba during the last three years

Rubén Cortada became tremendously popular after playing Faruq in the hit series ‘The Prince’, where he shared scenes with such well-known faces as Álex González, Hiba Abouk and José Coronado. From that moment and with his fame at the highest level – also due to his great attractiveness that aroused passions- the Cuban actor disappeared from the map From overnight.

The actor rose to fame after playing Faruq in ‘The Prince’.

“It fell out of my hands”

And finally, we heard from him again three years later, in an interview with Madmen Magazine, where it has opened and revealed the serious problems those who have faced this time.

What has led you to be isolated in Cuba for three years without showing signs of life? “I was in Cuba. I stopped working because I went for some personal issues and things got more and more complicated. It got out of hand and I couldn’t leave the country for almost three years. It was a complicated situation, ”Rubén Cortada began explaining to the publication, although without giving further details.

“In Cuba it was going down to the ninth circle of hell”

According to the actor, he has lived through hell in his native country, although he assures that the waters are slowly returning to their course. “Everything is well compartmentalized in my head. There were things that I mismanaged. And everything is organized after all this madness that happened to me in Cuba. I have everything very clear ”, he has expressed about the problems he has experienced.

However, we remain intrigued about the true reasons for his ‘disappearance’ and his return to the public eye has left us an image of the actor that is not very recognizable: with hair, beards and a somewhat more careless image. Rubén Cortada wanted to explain this change in ‘look’ by assuring that “my life became very complicated and I grew long hair and a beard. It is also true that when you do not work as an actor we are not obliged to have a fixed or very presentable image. We spend a lot of time alone. I was there alone, completely alone. The beard was a way of camouflaging myself “, it revealed.

“A living hell”According to the actor who now seems to take a breath, since when you hit bottom you can only go up. “In Cuba it was going down to the ninth circle of hell”, he confesses.

Rubén himself shared a photo of his ‘resurrection’ like a castaway rescued from the sea and titled: “I’M BACK. Stepping on the ground… ”.