Rubén Castro, the first pregnant man in Spain, gives birth

Ruben Castro he is already a father. The 27-year-old trans young man gave birth six days later than expected to Luar, his “son”, whom he has welcomed on his social networks.

“Forgive the silence, the absence and not answering your messages, I was welcoming to the world this precious thing that I have as my daughter. He finally decided that May 1 was a good day to go out. Thanks for all your messages and congratulations. It has been the most difficult and desired thing that I have experienced so far. The adventure has only just begun ”, he explains in a message on his Instagram account published this Sunday.

At the moment, it is unknown how the delivery was, although he himself pointed out a few days ago to this newspaper that he imagined it in the water and without an epidural. “I have seen a lot of videos, and I have an idyllic birth. I have chosen this site because they have a respected water birth program, and I would like it to be that way. Apart from all that is a conscious and well cared for birth, which could end up in water, as less medicalized as possible ”, he explained.

Thus, after 40 weeks of pregnancy, Ruben he has been able to fulfill his dream of being a father, something that he has always had “very present” in his life, also when his “transition” began.

“I have not had a mastectomy operation because I want to live the experience of breastfeeding and it is important for my baby,” she said, adding that her baby will have registered legal sex but will also be educated in diversity, manifesting his own identity when he learns to speak.