RTVE defends itself after receiving many criticisms for the scenography in Eurovision

Since in 2017 she assumed the reins of the destiny of Spain in Eurovision, Ana María Bordas proposed to give it a new direction to leave behind the criticism of each year when the country falls to the last positions due to the alleged lack of interest in RTVE in the festival.

In a talk with Efe before the celebration of the grand finale this Saturday, he defends his management after Blas Cantó’s proposal for his song “I’m going to stay” has not aroused the fervor of the “eurofans” either. “It is never easy to work on the festival scenography and it is never cheap,” he replies, referring to some of the comments.

In this regard, she wields what has been one of the principles of her management since she became head of the Spanish delegation: “The artist’s wishes have been greatly respected, because what we wanted to achieve is that he is comfortable: with the costumes, with what happens on stage, with the artistic director … ”.

Ana Maria Bordas

“I don’t know what it was like in the past. I know that since I have been here, we have worked with the Entertainment Department and with everything RTVE to give him the best possible platform ”, he responds after being told that this model contrasts sharply with that of his predecessor, Federico Llanos, according to several former representatives who complained of interference and lack of support.

It states Bordas that this coordination of which he presumes was led to the choice of the song “in a very good interaction” with the record company of Singing, Warner Music. Thus, from among all the songs composed by the artist, “all of his style”, the team chose “Memoria” and “Voy a estancia” as candidates. “And the public voted for the one with whom Blas felt most comfortable,” he highlights.

Then came the video clip, which was the work of Warner, and the choice by RTVE of Marvin Dietmann as set designer, the same one who designed the performance that led Conchita Wurst to victory in 2014 and who this year has been responsible for another four stagings of the festival.

The directive highlights the constant flow of communication between the Austrian and the Murcian “from minute 1”: “All the ideas he presented were discussed. Sometimes they spoke with me, others directly with each other and always in agreement with the record company ”.

“The result is an intimate and sober staging, because Dietmann believes that Blas has great strength on stage and that he goes with a very powerful message, as it is a tribute to all the people who have suffered losses; he wanted to reflect that emotion that Blas feels when singing it ”, he supports.

On stage, the most significant element is a large moon 6 meters in diameter that descends on the singer in representation of the cycle of life. It may seem simple, but it is not cheap, he insists before revealing that the budget invested is quite similar to the complex proposal of Miki Núñez in 2019.

“We invested a lot in that section. Working on the set design for Eurovision is never easy or cheap, as it is not to hire an artistic director from whom we have called in recent years, renowned professionals who know Eurovision well, ”he argues.

There are also many followers who criticize the lack of promotion that RTVE makes the festival or its songs and they contrast that attitude with that of a private channel like Telecinco, which has used several of those from 2021 for the soundtrack of one of its leading spaces in audience.

“To us that there is promotion in other chains seems very positive to us. Eurovision is a product in which RTVE participates but in which the representative is from Spain. We always talk about it with record companies, that any promotion on other stations is perfect, “he says.

In favor of the public entity, he exposes the “great effort” made in this regard: “There was a gala to choose the song, another to say goodbye to him and there have been many interactions with other spaces, such as ‘The Dancer’. Even if RTVE Nowadays it does not have a specific musical format where performances can be made, we are trying every time to do more with the broadest possible marketing plan ”.

And whatever the forecasts say, Bordas is satisfied with the work done together with Blas Cantó, to the point of stating that he never doubted his re-election for 2021 after last year’s failed edition.

“We were clear that he had to repeat. We chose him because we were convinced that he is a great professional with a beautiful voice. In addition, he was very excited, it was the dream of his life, “he recalls.