Rossi does not start the year on the right foot: ‘it was a difficult day’

Valentino Rossi has been marking the year for some time 2020 Like the course in which he wants to rediscover the lost sensations and be able to return, little by little, to fight for the top. Above all, after a second part of 2019 to forget, in which he had a lot of trouble performing at a great level with the Yamaha, suffering not to be the last motorcycle of the Japanese firm on the track. The Italian in preseason, was happy with the improvement that Yamaha had made in winter and assured in February that the Japanese factory seemed to take the competition much more seriously than in previous years. However, the road to the goal that the 9-time world champion wants to achieve still seems very long. It is only at the beginning, and for now, that of Tavullia the course began suffering.

‘Il Dottore’ ended in the 13th position on the first free practice day of the MotoGP Spanish GP, ensuring that he was not comfortable with a motorcycle in which he could not accelerate from corners fast and with which he especially suffered a lot of grip on the front tire with the temperature increase in the afternoon.


“It has been a difficult day for me because I was never quick. In the morning it was a little better but not in the afternoon. It seems like we always have issues with rear tire temperature and grip with this rear tire. In the morning it was a little colder, and this afternoon with a higher temperature I suffered much more ”.


“Not so much, actually. On Wednesday morning I managed to do a good turn on the soft tire and more or less it was like this morning, but already on Wednesday morning we were already suffering a bit with the rhythm. In the morning I am a little closer and in the afternoon with more temperature I suffer more. We are working to improve a little more and look to have more grip behind to be faster ”.


“I don’t feel very comfortable on the bike, I can’t get out fast in the corners. It has been a difficult day. ”


“I don’t really feel much difference, honestly. Of course, the 2020 bike is younger and we may need more time and more kilometers to make the adjustments, but at first it seems very similar to last year and where we suffered the most is with the grip and temperature of the rear tire . We need to work and understand how to start. ”


“With the temperature it is of course difficult for everyone, for the drivers and for the tires, but I feel in good shape because it is already mid-summer in Italy and our bodies are more used to this temperature.”


“We have tried to improve the bike under braking. I suffer a bit in acceleration because I can’t get out of the corners very fast. we have tried several things in the afternoon but we have not improved enough. And we are all very close and in the afternoon I finished 1 second and I was in line. We are all very close and we must understand how to improve. This Saturday morning is a very important training. You have to try to be in the top 10. It will be difficult but it would be very important. ”


We recently started working together with David. We did the tests in winter and this is the first race. time is lacking. We have to understand if together we can solve these problems. that’s the goal. But it takes time. But we will see. Here things change very fast. We must understand how to improve together and we are working to do it. ”