Rossi and company surrender to new champion Mir

One of the most beautiful moments of Sunday’s day in Cheste was how all his rivals stopped on the lap of honor to greet the new MotoGP world champion, Joan Mir, before he donned the commemorative shirt and changed the 36 for the 1 that it is not known if it is premonitory of his intentions to recover what was the privilege of a champion, to walk the number 1 the following year: “I’m going to think if I wear number one,” he commented at a press conference.

At the same time, the different MotoGP riders gave their opinions about the new champion and his success, which they described as “deserved”.

Joan Mir and Valentino Rossi in the mixed zone of the Cheste circuit


“I have already congratulated him because firstly, winning in MotoGP in the second year is not for everyone, few have achieved it. He is very young but does not make mistakes, he has always made the right decisions at crucial moments and is fast. I think he has deserved a lot this championship together with Suzuki, they have done an incredible job and his bike is doing very well ”


“We have to congratulate Suzuki and I am very happy for Joan with whom we also share Paco (Sánchez, his manager). He is a good boy and if someone had to win it he preferred it to be him. He has deserved it because he has been really strong “


“It is not easy to win the world championship and I am happy for Mir and for the team. As for us, I think we made a good comeback on a circuit where it is not easy to overtake, but I am super happy for Suzuki and, above all, for Joan. We faced the season with great force, but I did not expect us to get a championship “

“We have a love in the team, we are a family, and that camaraderie makes us one step above”

“We have made a step forward compared to last year with the engine that we changed in the preseason and the chassis we also improved a bit. Thanks to this, Joan has been able to be so regular, apart from my ups and downs, and has won the championship “


“Joan has deserved this World Cup because it has been fast, but above all constant, something that I have lacked and that is what has made the difference”


“I can’t say that Joan’s victory surprised me. It was a particular year, but I honestly do not relate this victory to this particular year. It may have some influence, but I do not give that explanation for this result. Mir showed talent, he did it in Moto3 and Moto2, you could see that he had something else. In my opinion, he has proven to be a great talent and Suzuki has shown that they can win a championship by working on certain technical bases that may seem trivial. By working well on certain things you don’t have to come up with anything special because you can be as consistent and competitive as Mir and Rins have been all year. In my opinion, Suzuki is the simplest bike, from any point of view you look at ”


“I’m very happy for Joan, he’s a hard-working guy, I know he works a lot, he’s fun, easygoing, a normal guy, and he’s also a fucking great uncle, I’m happy for him and Suzuki who have worked very well. He has deserved it “


“He is a world champion and he deserves it as all those who have won the title have deserved it. It is true that it has been a stranger year, shorter, with 13 races and not the usual 19 or 20. That means you have fewer variables to not be a world champion. We have not had the transoceanic races, in which a lot of things always happen, races in the wet, and other difficulties. It is clear that there have been fewer obstacles, in case you are competitive, to be able to be champion “

“There are different ways of being a champion, maybe (Mir) has not been one that has dominated from the beginning, but he has always known how to be there, he has always been very realistic with his possibilities and he has known how to make the most of when he had everything. So I think it’s a deserved title. I also think that he will not care what people say, a deserved champion and has been the fastest of all ”.

“Everyone has their way to get there, he has done it perfect and it is an extra motivation for those of us who came from Moto2 and a good reference”


“It is fantastic that someone who is not a favorite wins the championship. Congratulations to Joan and Suzuki “