Rosalía sparks controversy after uploading a photo with an ‘estelada’

After passing the confinement in Miami and waiting to be able to do his massive concerts again, Rosalia She is still working to make new songs, but the artist has been caught up in the middle of an unjustified controversy, after one of her latest ‘stories’ on Instagram.

Rosalia is found in Port Rico recording new songs and shared with his followers an image from the recording studio where you can see a flag ‘starry“Something that many have not been slow to criticize asking that the singer not enter politics and just do her job as an artist, but this flag is not about the Catalan independence banner, but about the Puerto Rico’s flag.

Rosalía shared this image in her ‘stories’

Born in the Catalan town of Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Rosalia has released some songs in Catalan, such as ‘Milionària’, but has never spoken on the subject of independenceSo his fans’ criticism was completely unfounded.