Rosalía provokes division of opinions after publishing her latest ‘look’

She is one of the greatest artists on our music scene and her talent has crossed borders. Rosalia is an immensely successful singer who shines beyond the stage for her glamor and her unique and personal style. However, his latest style is giving a lot to talk about.

And the thing is that the latest ‘look’ of the Catalan has left us speechless and has generated a slight debate on the networks. Provocation or bad taste? There are opinions for everything. What is clear is that this woman never leaves anyone indifferent.

We thought that Rosalía could no longer surprise us, but we were very wrong. His latest post on Instagram It has left us speechless when we already thought it was impossible. Are these the rarest shoes Rosalía has worn to date? And the transparent dress?

The Catalan artist wished us all a happy new year from the beach dressed in a striking semi-transparent dress. However, the surprise came when we lowered our eyes a little to reach his feet.

The last shoes that Rosalía has put on have left us speechless, impossible shoes that she wears without problems. Not all his followers have liked him equally, but it is clear that provocation is his strong suit and he is always on his side.

Rosalía has shown us once again that ‘before dead than simple with some really curious shoes. There is nothing that can resist this diva of music and fashion.