Rosa Benito’s ‘bomb’ on María Teresa Campos and Rocío Jurado

The television collaborator Rosa Benito has attended this Monday to his program ‘It’s already noon’To defend himself against the words he has recently dedicated to him Maria Teresa Campos. “Today is Rocío Monday and I come flamenco”, advanced the Andalusian.

“Look, I want to answer Teresa Campos because for me she has been a wonderful communicator, what I have seen now I have not liked … and I do not say more … “, he started. “Descerebrado, as she calls me in a magazine that comes out on Wednesdays, I tell Teresa that I have never been mindless, that I have been very consistent, I have suffered a lot … The problem I had with the Treasury is known, I feel sorry for it, I have spoken three or four times about it … I have had a psychological problem, I have overcome it , I have been strong and here I am ”.

María Teresa Campos was interviewed in the ‘Deluxe’.

Then, Rosa Benito wanted to make it clear that María Teresa Campos and Rocío Jurado they weren’t friends. What’s more, she explained that it was Marily Coll who told her to “invite Teresa” to her wedding. “He wanted to hurt me with the Treasury, I was crazy, but he has overcome it … I do not insult anyone,” he insisted.

The words of Rosa Benito

On the other hand, the ex-wife of Amador Mohedano transmitted that “to Terelu I have a lot of affection for her, I have been by her side for eight years, she is the only one who has stopped my feet … Terelu because we have had a friendship ”. “I dislike them, it does not affect me, it affects me that they insult me ​​because I do not insult anyone … it is very strong, it is hurting me for hurting me … I am no longer that aunt who went crazy,” he sentenced.