Rosa Benito is vaccinated against the coronavirus after refusing the appointment up to eight times

“Today has been the day. By age I had to get the vaccine, and today I have been vaccinated, “he wrote Rosa Benito in social networks after receive the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. He did it in front of the cameras of the program ‘It’s already noon’, where he acknowledged that he had rejected the appointment up to eight times to get vaccinated.

She explained the reason why she had refused to be vaccinated up to eight times. “I have postponed it up to eight times because I am a person who has very bad circulation and was afraid ”.

After receiving the vaccine, Rosa Benito went to the ‘It’s noon’ chambers, happy for having taken the step of getting vaccinated. “There is no need to be afraid, I had it and now I have to say that it was a perfect day for me. I encourage you. Fear cows you and that is not good “, he acknowledged.

The presenter Ana Rosa wanted to send him a few words of support after Rosa Benito’s vaccination. “Congratulations. You have to get vaccinated; it’s the only way out of this. “

“I have no symptoms Right now, I am calm and happy… We who can give a voice to those people who, like me, were afraid, say that you cannot be afraid because fear makes you cow, ”Rosa Benito concluded, happy and with the nerves already gone.