Rosa Benito apologizes for her tremendous blunder live

Amador Mohedano was this weekend in ‘Saturday Deluxe’And starred in an interview that continues to talk about almost a week after its broadcast. One of the people who spoke after the intervention of the brother of Rocío Jurado on television has been his ex-wife, Rosa Benito, who was shown very critical with him as a result of the disagreement he had with Maria Jimenez live.

Amador Mohedano screwed up to the bottom, you can’t give an arsonist a box of matches“Said the collaborator of‘It’s already noon‘On the Telecinco program, although she was also very upset with the statements that the singer made about her sister-in-law. In that sense, Benito did not hesitate to defend Rocío Jurado making it clear that anything can be said about her and Amador because they can answer, but about the mythical artist, no. “You can call Amador Mohedano a Jewish dog, tell me what you want, but Rocío Jurado, no“, He said.

Rosa Benito apologizes for her tremendous blunder live.

Rosa Benito: “I wanted to apologize to the audience for a comment I made”

At that time, the television was not aware of the repercussion that these last words would have, which unleashed a wave of criticism on social networks. Due to the commotion that was generated, the gathering took advantage of this Wednesday to apologize live on “It’s already noon.” “Sonsoles I wanted to apologize to you, I wanted to apologize to the audience because I was not very lucky with a comment that I made. I apologize. I have already asked for it on Instagram, but I also ask for it from here ”, said Benito, visibly sorry.

At that time, his partner Michelangelo Nicholas He has reminded you that he tried to get your attention. “But since you were in the maelstrom …”, he added. “I said a phrase with which many people have felt hurt and I, of course, from here, I apologize. I did not do it with bad intentions ”, insisted the collaborator.