Rookie Tyler Herro rises to Magic Johnson rank on night riddled with playoff records

The young player of the Miami Heat Tyler Herro led his victory with 37 points, the second highest score by a player age 20 or younger in a playoffs of the NBA. The precedent was not just any: Magic Johnson had 42 points in 1980 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the 13 playoff games the Heat have played, Herro has scored in double figures in all of them, which makes him the third rookie to achieve such a feat after Elgin Baylor (1959) and Alvan Adams (1976).

Americans, who are adept at this statistic, also pointed out that Herro is the first rookie to score above 25 points in two consecutive playoff games since Andrew Toney did it in 1981.


The Heat guard became the second rookie player to score more than 30 points in a playoff game in the past 35 yearsThe only other was Daniel Gibson with 31 points for the 2007 Cavaliers. No rookie had scored that many points in a Conference Finals.

And the most surprising data: All these records have been achieved by leaving the bench, something unprecedented in the history of the playoffs.

The kid’s display also left a Mr. Wonderful mug phrase from his coach, Erik Spoelstra: “Everyone overestimates what you can do in one day and underestimates what you can do in months of work, sweat and effort when no one is watching”.

He is right: the Herro thing is not a matter of a day, and it certainly has incredible merit.