Ronaldo reveals that his parents have overcome the coronavirus

Ronaldo Nazario breathes a sigh of relief. The former Brazilian striker, now owner of Valladolid, has communicated that his parents have managed to overcome the coronavirus.

Through social networks, the mythical striker wanted to thank the work of the doctors who have helped his parents to defeat the virus after several months fighting in the hospital.

“First my mother; then my father. Both have beaten Covid-19. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Jeferson (director of Rede D’or Hospitales), to Dr. Bruno from Copa Star, to the doctors, nurses and the rest of the team for the excellent service provided to my parents. They were two months of great anguish! And, thank goodness, everything went well. Thanks to friends and followers who gave us positive energy. Take care! There is little left, but we cannot lower our guard, ”Ronaldo posted on his Instagram account.