Ronaldo apologizes ‘to all the mothers in the world’

Ronaldo He is a guy who falls well. The former Brazilian footballer, now president and largest shareholder of the Valladolid is one of those who responds with sincerity and closeness in any interview, and proof of this is the number of anecdotes he recently reviewed in an interview Sports Illustrated. She spoke, for example, about why she asks all the mothers in the world for forgiveness. “I apologize to all the mothers who saw their children get the haircut that I had in their day (with everything shaved except for the part of the bangs). I saw my teammates and asked them, ‘Do you like it?’ They said, ‘No, it’s horrible! Cut that off! But the journalists saw my haircut and forgot about my injuries ”, he commented amused.

Many refer to him as ‘el gordo’ to differentiate him from the other Ronaldo (Cristiano), but he cares little. “I don’t care if people remember me as’Ronaldo, the fat man ‘or’Ronaldo, The phenomenon. I did the best I could. I had a great career and now I’ve started a new one. And I also want to be the best ”, he indicated about his passage to the offices from which he directs Valladolid.

His career left great moments to remember and hundreds of goals, but to Ronaldo he especially likes a curious compilation made by a YouTube user. “I love all my goals, they are like my babies, but I always choose both of them with Brazil against Germany in 2002. Two years before, due to injuries, nobody believed that I could play football again. I was the top scorer and we won the world. Those two goals represent my great fight for two years. I love watching my videos, but there is one that I love the most. A guy made a video of me making 256 pipes. I can’t even remember doing that many! ”He finished.