Ronaldinho causes illusions and divisions in Maradona’s Gymnastics

Almost a year ago, Gymnastics shook the city of La Plata with the hiring of Diego Maradona as a coach. Now, in the midst of a pandemic, with the coronavirus reaching the highest number of infections and deaths in Argentina, a second soccer revolution is insinuated in that same corner of Buenos Aires and in that same club. The protagonist is another colossal 10, Ronaldinho, that he could return to football in his 40s with that singular DT and with that blue and white jersey. It is a story that has not yet taken off, but that does already cause illusions and divisions.

From the hermetic environments of Maradona and Ronaldinho clear signals are not filtered. The leaders of Gymnastics they have the phone number of Roberto Assis, brother and representative of the Brazilian crack. However, they still haven’t dialed the number. They will wait for the first steps to be taken Dinho and your agent. It is more than logical: the legal situation of the former Barcelona footballer, who has been detained since March 4 in Paraguay for circulating with a false passport, has yet to be resolved, in a case that includes suspicions of money laundering.

Since Assumption indicate that these days Ronaldinho would receive the endorsement of justice and leave the imposing hotel Palmaroga in the center of Asunción, with the commitment to return when required. In the presidential suite of this luxurious place, located on the first floor, the Brazilian is serving house arrest with his brother after spending a month in jail and after both paying a bail of $ 800,000 each. Given this possibility of freedom, two destinations emerged for Ronaldinho, one shows him as a neighbor of Lionel messi in a house in Castelldefels in Barcelona and the other as a footballer in La Plata, at the Maradona Gymnastics.

The idea of Gymnastics would have arisen from the same environment of Ronaldinho, taking advantage of its close relationship with Maradona. With 40 years in prison on March 21, returning to football with Diego would be a way out of the darkness with force, with a more than powerful impact.

Maradona He has not yet asked them for the former crack of the Barcelona to the leaders of Gymnastics. However, a revolution was caused in the La Plata team. The fans do not doubt: there is a yes to the vast majority Brazilian phenomenon. At this point, those who lead the club and make the most important decisions are expectant, although with different feelings and looks.

A group of Gymnastics leaders wants yes or yes to Ronaldinho. It does not matter his 40 years or the time that passed since his retirement: in January 2018 he officially announced it, but the last club he played for as a professional was Fluminense in 2015. Afterwards, he participated in many charity meetings, in matches of legends of the FIFA and he even wore a team’s jersey as a special guest at the reinforcement presentation, as happened with Barcelona from Ecuador in 2016.

“Ronaldinho, 40 years old and a little overweight, would do the same for Gimnasia very well. It would cause a boom that we could take advantage of at the marketing and the name of our club would ring again all over the world. We have to think that the return to football after the pandemic will be very difficult for everyone economically and much more for us, “he explained to Sports world one of the most influential directors of the club. He requested reservation of his name because the possibility still did not overcome the rumor tone.

Who support the Ronaldinho landing in Gymnastics They also argue that it would generate immense joy in the fans, the members would multiply, there would be no sports risk (there will be no relegation this season or next year) and it would enrich a squad with a very low budget: “It was a phenomenon. Kicking a couple of free throws and corners would add up ”. They only think about it for a semester, with a contract for objectives and with Dinho arranging his income in another way, with his own sponsors.

In any case, there is no unanimity among the most important leaders of Gymnastics. “I don’t think Ronaldinho is positive. He is already a former player. He retired a while ago, he’s big. It would be too much him and Maradona together. Having Diego well as we have him is the best thing that can happen to us. Now we need reassurance. The Ronaldinho thing would be a little noise at the beginning and nothing more ”, argues another of the men who decide in the La Plata club.

Four years ago, the winner of the Ballon d’Or in 2005 was close to Gymnastics. There were elections in the club and one of the candidates for president, Mariano Cowen, thought of the Brazilian, who had just been featured as a guest at the presentation of the incorporations of Barcelona from Ecuador. At that time, he contacted his brother and found a very good predisposition, as Cowen himself recalled in the last hours. Then there was a problem: Cowen lost the election and the possibility evaporated.

Gymnastics bet on Maradona a year ago, when his permanence in First was in danger. Under Diego’s hand, the team recovered and was in the midst of fighting to stay in the top division when football was suspended for the coronavirus. The decision to terminate the tournaments in Argentina, including suspension of relegation, favored the team from La Plata. This Tuesday it was announced that practices will be able to resume from Monday.

Will gymnastics advance now for the former Barça talent? To wait. First, you must regain freedom. Later, it will be seen. The clear thing is that the possible arrival of Ronaldinho to the team of Maradona it generates illusions, but also divisions.