Romantic congratulations from Ramos to Pilar Rubio: ‘You discover us the world at a brisk pace’

This Wednesday, March 17, the family Bouquets is celebrating. Pilar Rubio She is 43 years old and that is why her husband has turned to social networks to dedicate some heartfelt words to her on this special day.

“You paint our life with smiles, tenderness, beauty and intelligence”, started the captain of the Real Madrid. “You discover us the world at a brisk pace and with a firm hand. You give us everything, because you give yourself, to me, to our children and for our family ”.

Ramos insisted that “I could not have had more fortune than to have you by my side, forever.” “I love you madly, my love,” declared the Andalusian.

In just 4 hours the ‘post’ has accumulated more than half a million ‘I like you’ and has been filled with affectionate congratulations for Pilar Rubio.