Rodri Fuertes, happy and liberated, publishes his first photograph with Adara Molinero

And it happened … Rodri Fuertes has taken the step and, although his decision was to take his relationship with Adara Molinero in the most discreet way, he has published the first image with his girl on Instagram. Bea Retamal’s ex has shared in his stories an image in which he appears hugging Adara and they both stare at the camera. A very romantic scene during your first vacation together that he has not resisted publishing despite having stated hours before that his decision is not to give explanations of his life.

“I do not hide, I am not going to stop doing what I feel like, but I decided not to expose my private life and not give explanations and so I will continue. He will like it more or less, he will criticize himself more or less … but that was my choice, thoughtful and absolutely convinced, “Rodri said on social media, but hours later he was carried away by the happiness of the moment and published this romantic photo in which, it is obvious, they are happy together.

Rodri and Adara first photo together

Adara Molinero revealed exclusively for Lecturas that she was again excited and the lucky one would be none other than his partner in ‘Big Brother 17’. Four years later, their relationship is a fact and together they are enjoying your first vacation in Ibiza in a luxury hotel and without hiding. Although they do not hide, they both decided not to expose their relationship much and they had not published any images together, until today … And it was not Adara but Rodri who, in love and happy, took the first step. Although the ex-sister did not take long to repost, proud of their relationship, the photo in their stories.

With this step many mouths have been silenced, since their excess of privacy, despite being such a media couple, had generated all kinds of comments and criticism on social networks.