Rocío Flores sends a direct message to Diego Arrabal and leaves Avilés in evidence

The television collaborator Diego Arrabal surprised yesterday in ‘Viva la vida’ by announcing that Dew Flowers had contacted him during a publicity to disprove Jose Antonio Aviles.

“He gets in touch with me at 6:19 p.m. and tells me ‘he throws me on the floor again but the other day he sends me a message (he refers to José Antonio Avilés) in which he says’ strength and courage,” he explained. the paparazzi, thus evidencing that the relationship between the daughter of Rocío Carrasco and her partner from ‘Survivors’ hangs by a thread.

Far from being silent, Aviles he did not hesitate to respond live. “The first one who throws me on the floor is you in‘ The Ana Rosa program ’. Listen to your mother and try to understand her and then if you want to buy your father’s version ”, snapped the Andalusian.

Diego Arrabal returns to ‘Viva la vida’

Rocío Flores meets with the directors of the production company where she works

Gustavo Gonzalez he assured last night in ‘Saturday Deluxe‘ what Dew Flowers “He gives up his relationship with his mother.” “She is very angry with the version she is listening to and even said that she was willing to speak for free or to donate the money she got for a possible interview.”

“I know you have a good relationship with Ana Rosa Quintana And I think she will do it is that she tells what she has lived, how her mother’s version is living, which she says is not 100% true, but that there are nuances that she believes are important and that they would understand what She feels for her mother today, ”argued the journalist.