Rocío Flores questions her mother: ‘I’m not afraid, that the full chapter will be broadcast’

The television collaborator Dew Flowers has taken his place this Wednesday in the program of Ana Rosa Quintana and has ruled on the issuance of the new chapter of the documentary ‘Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive‘In which the young woman’s assault on her mother in 2012 will be narrated.

“I’m watching the docuseries and I’m going to see it today,” he started. “It has been said that they eliminate 11 minutes in the chapter that he dedicates to me to protect me. When you want to protect your daughter, you don’t do an episode talking about your daughter. Therefore, I question the protection issue ”.

Then, Dew Flowers asked “those responsible for the documentary and the head of the chain to broadcast the entire chapter.” “I want to know what my mother says and how she says it,” he insisted, looking at the camera.

“I find it ironic because it is said that Rocio Carrasco she has picked up telephones so that this issue is not said and she now sits with a sentence in her hands and the medical team recommends that she not speak to me… ”, he added. “It seems questionable to me that now it is decided to hide a part of a document that was recorded a year ago.”

“I am not afraid, I was afraid many years ago that it is not because of this episode. I know very well what I have lived in that house and there I stay, “he said. flowers.