Rocío Flores explodes live and breaks her silence: ‘I can’t take it anymore. Mom, I’ve tried … ‘

Important news in the Rocío Carrasco case. After several weeks of absolute silence in the face of accusations of mistreatment by his father, Antonio David Flores, to his mother, Rocío Flores has spoken this Friday, and has done so in a forceful way.

It has been in ‘Ana Rosa’s program‘, A space in which the young woman collaborates as a commentator for’ Survivors’, when Rocío Carrasco’s daughter he has exploded and has sent a harsh message to his mother.

“I am not going to debate the documentary. I am creating a shell for myself, which is not like that. Media pressure makes me explain how I feel. I have feelings and not a few. It is judged and prejudged. There are many things that are not like that. I know my mother perfectly better than anyone else and I know what I have experienced at my mother’s house”, Started Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter.

I know my father and I know what I have lived in my father’s house. It is said that I have been raised with hatred, in my house never in my life have I been instilled hatred towards my mother. I am not lying, it is reality. With all this I feel bad, I feel devastated. This is very unfair and all limits are exceeded ”, continued Rocío.

There is another person who suffers, my brother David Flores. I already say it publicly because I can’t take it anymore. I say it by active and passive. It has been said that I am manipulated, I am 25 years old and I have my criteria, I think for myself. The person who is being described in the documentary, my father, is not like that. I can not anymore. Mom, I have tried privately. Here it has come to be questioned that I have not contacted my mother after Survivors, but it is a lie ”, she lamented, visibly affected, shortly before remembering that she recently tried to speak, without success, with her mother.

Yesterday I also called my mother twice and she did not take it, the only way to contact me is publicly. Mom, your children have not been taken from you, they are here. Pick up the phone, call us, talk to us. Sit down with us, let’s clear things up at home. Enough, I can’t take it anymore. Neither can I nor can David. The situation in my house is unsustainable”, He concluded.