Rocío Delgado, presenter of Telemadrid, denounces an episode of harassment

The journalist Rocío Delgado has publicly denounced through their social networks an episode of sexist harassment that he has suffered in the street and in broad daylight by a group of men. The presenter of the second edition of ‘News’Of Telemadrid and‘Dismantling Madrid‘He has related what happened through Twitter, where he has also been powerless.

“Returning home quietly distracted looking at the mobile.
What a guy surrounded by colleagues blocks your way and says he wants to talk to you
”Delgado began to explain this Monday through Twitter. “You answer that I leave you alone and you keep walking while listening to ‘how rancid you are, bitch’ and laughs”Added the presenter of the Madrid public channel.

Rocío Delgado, presenter of Telemadrid.

Rocío Delgado: “Asco”

An unpleasant episode that happened in broad daylight that fortunately did not go away. “To think, thank goodness that it is daytimeDelgado reflected. The journalist concluded by describing this unfortunate incident with a single word: “Disgust”.

After recounting what happened, many colleagues and followers from the presenter they have been sending you messages of encouragement. The tweet in which he relates what happened has gone viral and has already accumulated hundreds of comments and more than 39.6 thousand ‘likes’.

The street by day or night should also be ours”, He commented Naiara Pinedo, a colleague by profession, in response to the presenter’s tweet, who replied by highlighting the “impotence” she felt. “Totally. But in a situation like the one I just experienced, it makes us much more vulnerable. What impotence”Delgado wrote.