Rocío Carrasco: What is to come from the most controversial documentary

Rocío Carrasco had been silent for many years, being considered by many that ‘bad mother’ that he was able to abandon his children. A controversial family relationship that was parked for several years until Rocío Flores has reached the age of majority and made his first public appearances to defend his father, Antonio David Flores. The former Civil Guard had already made a dent in the heart programs and in various reality shows since he broke his relationship with the daughter of the late Rocío Jurado.

Few understood that a mother, regardless of the fact that there was a sentimental break, could follow his life apart from two children who, supposedly, had chosen to grow up with their father by completely rejecting ‘Rociíto’.

Up to now. Telecinco issued last weekend a shocking documentary entitled ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’, where Carrasco broke his silence to silence criticism and to uncover the bad life that, supposedly, the father of his children had given him. There were not a few journalists and well-known faces who sang the ‘mea culpa’ after years throwing stones at Rocío Carrasco, although the debate continues to be in the air, should a mother unconditionally forgive a child?

The next two chapters of the docuseries reveal Rocío Carrasco’s worst moments.

Rocío Flores, devastated after the broadcast of the documentary

After the shocking docuserie, many wanted to know the opinion of one of those involved in the matter. The first images of Rocío Flores After the documentary was broadcast, they were captured by the same Telecinco program that traveled to Malaga to get their opinion. The reporter Sergi Ferré, who was able to exchange a few words with the influencer, assures that he is “Completely dejected” and that it has been off-camera when he has not been able to hold the guy. “I thanked him, he broke down, he started the car and almost started to cry,” explained the reporter.

The program ‘Save me’ advances some details of the next chapters

Gema López: “The word horror is underlined”

The Telecinco magazine has exclusively issued the trailer for episodes 2 and 3 from the docuseries of Rocio Carrasco But before the audience could see the preview, the collaborators went through a soundproof room to make a preview. Their faces and gestures said it all.

Some collaborators of 'Save me' viewed the images exclusively.
Some collaborators of ‘Save me’ viewed the images exclusively.

“If it has already been involved this week … They are going to miss the covers of the newspapers,” announced Kiko Hernández as soon as he returned to the set. “Undressing in this way; of course he has been at ease “, stressed the collaborator, very shocked by what he had just seen.

For her part, Gema López highlighted “two key moments” that she qualified with “The word horror”. The journalist declared herself very surprised by what was seen, although not because of the content, but because of Rocío Carrasco’s courage to tell it: “There is a part that I already know and that I have asked Antonio David directly; I thought Rocío would never tell her “.

Around 9:00 p.m. of the night, ‘Save me’ was finally broadcasting the expected preview of chapters 2 and 3.

Rocío Carrasco: “She told me that because of jealousy I was going to hurt my son”

‘Our love broke’, titled the second chapter. A period that elapses from the wedding of Rocío and Antonio David in 1996, while she was pregnant, until she discovers the infidelity of the former Civil Guard in 1998. In between, the birth of Rocío Flores, a conviction of ‘Anonioda’ for a fine and the second pregnancy of the collaborator.

Chapter 3, ‘That man’, is “much harder than zero”, as Carlota Corredera announces. “He told me that because of jealousy I was going to hurt my son.” With this harsh statement Rocío Carrasco left the set of ‘Save me’ frozen. An assault, problems in the pregnancy of the youngest of their children, until the marriage separation … A third episode of the documentary that everyone expects to see.