Rocío Carrasco uncovers the other face of Olga Moreno and denies her version

This Wednesday Telecinco has broadcast a new episode of ‘Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive‘, The documentary series in which Rocio Carrasco explains, for the first time in more than 20 years, his side of the story. This eighth episode has also come after the daughter of Rocío Jurado starred last week in a live and historical interview in which he talked about the episode of bad treatments happened on June 27, 2012 and why his daughter Dew Flowers ended up condemned.

But beyond reliving that 2012 episode that meant the breaking off, at the moment, of all relationship with her daughter, Carrasco has also spoken of the previous years and in his story a person has appeared who until now had gone more unnoticed: Olga Moreno, the woman of Antonio David Flores.

I start to panic on Monday. Those Monday back from the children. I did not sleep the previous three nights. On Monday, from the time I get up until the children come, I spend it in the bathroom. I vomit, I get panic attacks, panic attacks”, Carrasco begins to explain in the documentary.

Rocío Carrasco in ‘Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive. ‘

“Olga told me what a bad mother you are”

Rocío would be 13, 14 years old. And one day, suddenly, she came with her neck full of little leather necklaces with pendants. And he arrives and I say to him: “Ro, look, we’re going to take our necklaces off because I’m afraid that playing at school, that if I push you, if I jump rope …”. She reluctantly listens to me. Those 15 days pass and he leaves. And when she comes back, she comes back again with the necklaces and the first thing she tells me is: “Olga told me that what a bad mother you are that you won’t let me wear necklaces.””, Then reveals the daughter of Rocío Jurado, who presents more similar examples.

Rociíto also assures that at the home of Antonio David Flores they told Rocío Flores that her brother David was ill because of his mother. “They had told her that her brother was sick because of me, because I drank and smoked during pregnancy. And my daughter comes to my house and tells me. She saw me tending the child and started screaming. The child could not see that he was disrespecting me and jumped (…). And when she sees that I am focused on the child, she tells me: ‘Now you do worry, don’t you? But he’s sick because of you. Because you drank and smoked and you didn’t want to have my brother. ‘”, Carrasco now uncovers, who also explains that when her daughter saw her cry she would say aMy father already warned me, he is going to play the victim and cry‘.

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