Rocío Carrasco signs for ‘Save me’ … could she be the new presenter?

Telecinco announced on ‘Friday Deluxe’ that, this Monday, Rocio Carrasco I was going to “fulfill a dream” in ‘Save me‘. Well, the program has started by announcing that the daughter of Rocío Jurado, after years away from television and after the broadcast of ‘Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive‘, has signed for the Telecinco magazine.

Rocío Carrasco herself, in some images recorded in the vicinity of Mediaset España, has spoken of this new stage. In the pictures, the socialite claims to be “fine”, even if “nervous”. Of course, he has not revealed yet, and will not do so until Wednesday, what his work in ‘Save me’ will consist of. Will it be a collaborator? Will it have its own section? Or will you replace Jorge Javier Vázquez as presenter during your vacation?

Rocío Carrasco signs for ‘Save me’.

Rocío Carrasco: “I want to see Carlota, Jorge, my Vallde …”

Although Carrasco has not yet given many details about his foray into ‘Save me’, he has gotten wet with respect to who his teammates will be. In that sense, he has revealed who he most wants to see and has recognized that there are also people he would rather not see. “I want to see Carlota, Jorge, my Vallde [David Valldeperas]… To those who have always, always been mine “, the television company confessed, adding that they are people who have been with her” before, during and after the documentary series. “

(In preparation …)