Rocío Carrasco on the mistreatment of her daughter: ‘She has been an executioner because she has been a victim before’

Rocio Carrasco has been this Wednesday live on Telecinco, where he has starred in a special program in which he has granted his interview more difficult. The daughter of Rocío Jurado announced last week that it would go to Mediaset to answer all questions about the documentary series ‘Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive‘. However, following the latest statements of his daughter on television, Dew Flowers it has become the star theme during a good part of the meeting. For the first time, Carrasco has spoken of bad treatments why his daughter was sentenced and has also revealed the reason why he does not pick up the phone today.

Carrasco entered the set very excited, unable to contain her tears and visibly nervous. She herself recognized it: “I was very nervous and wanted to cry. But I also thought it was necessary and that I have the strength, now I do. The strength and courage to do it ”.

In addition, before starting the interview, she was grateful to the program and made it clear that the purpose of all this, of the documentary series, was simply to be listened to. “To be heard, to know what I have suffered and felt, how I have lived it. I know there are things that I can prove and there are others that I cannot prove and are my feelings and my experiences before things that there is no documentation. But seeing all the repercussions I am happy, I would lie to you if I said that I am not proud of myself in that sense (…), but I repeat, it was not my intention ”, confessed Carrasco.

Rocío Carrasco: “I ask you not to attack Rocío, she is not to blame for anything”

As soon as the interview began, the name of Rocío Flores came out. Carlota Corredera Y Jorge Javier Vazquez They asked the guest about the mistreatment she received from her daughter and, specifically, about the episode that occurred on July 27, 2012, moment from which mother and daughter they stopped having contact.

That day happens that Rocío attacks me and I end up in a hospital. It is something that is known, that has been publicly known, but I want to say one thing, if you leave me, ”Carrasco began. “Rocío becomes an executioner because she has been a victim before. He has been a victim and has been even more vulnerable than me, I want that to be clear. And I want to publicly ask the people who attack her in that sense, because of what she did at that time in her life, not to attack her, that she is not to blame. The fault lies with another person, who is responsible for her acting that way. His father”, Sentenced Rocío Jurado’s daughter.

Despite what happened on July 27, Carrasco has confirmed that she did not report her daughter. “I neither denounced her nor would I ever denounce my daughter. First, because as I just said, she is also a victim of her father. And secondly, because I couldn’t report my daughter because It is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in my life and that I could never do”, Assured the guest, who has also made it clear that she still loves her daughter despite the time that has elapsed.

Rocío Carrasco, live on Telecinco starring in her most difficult interview.

Rocío Carrasco: “I have always considered that the person who was beating me up was someone else, who is his father”

“For me, motherhood has been the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and I did not report it and I would never report it. To protect her, because I’ve always wanted to protect her. Because I have always considered that the person who was committing that act was not her. I was being beaten up by someone else, who is his father”Said Carrasco.

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