Rocío Carrasco on her legal battle with Antonio David: ‘No one has acquitted anyone’

Telecinco has broadcast this Wednesday episode 11 of ‘Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive‘, The documentary series in which Rocio Carrasco he tells how he has lived these more than twenty years of silence. In this penultimate episode, Rocío Jurado’s daughter has delved into the court battle that she has maintained for years with her former husband, Antonio David Flores.

Among other points, Carrasco has denied that she denounced the former Civil Guard for mistreatment. “I denounce him for psychological injuries”, He specifies. It was in December 2016 when he filed the complaint in the courts of Plaza de Castilla, which are inhibited and they send her to the courts for violence against women of Alcobendas. The reason? That the alleged injuries occurred during marriage.

This is how this process began. “We provide psychiatric reports and an official expert opinion, in addition to requesting the courts that the Gender Violence Assessment Unit be in charge of carrying out a test. This petition should have been presented by the defendant as proof of defense, but I anticipate it ”, explains the daughter of Pedro Carrasco in the docuseries.

The official report prepared by the three specialists – a forensic doctor, a psychologist and a social worker – leaves no room for doubt: an anxious-depressive picture with panic attacks and generalized anxiety. It is stated that the affected person suffers from symptoms of depression with insomnia, a feeling of sadness and generalized anxiety. The specialists assure that Carrasco “presents circumstances of personal and socio-family vulnerability that motivate the existence of social injuries in its personal, family and social-related dimensionl “.

Likewise, the document confirms that “it describes a dysphoric state of mind with emotional affectation, emotional resonance consistent with the situations he refers to of harassment and manipulation of his public image by the father of his children”. It is established that there is “a pattern of anxiety-depressive symptoms that can be connected to the claimed facts”.

As the daughter of Rocío Jurado explains in the documentary, before these reports the judge sees evidence of criminality and dictates an order to carry out the trial. However, this is appealed in reform and is dismissed. The Provincial Court is appealed and that is when it is decided temporarily dismiss it, waiting for new facts. It is later appealed to the Supreme Court, “for a matter of form, not substance”, and the possibility of reopening it remains open.

Rocío Carrasco in ‘Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive. ‘

Rocío Carrasco: “It is not yet a closed case”

Therefore, “not yet a closed case”, Rocío Carrasco sentence in the documentary. Antonio David Flores lies when he says that he has been “acquitted.” “No, gentlemen, for one to be acquitted he must have been triedThis man has not been tried, he cannot be acquitted of anything. This procedure is provisionally dismissed, no one has acquitted anyone”, Ditch.

Despite the slowness with which events have developed, Rocío Jurado’s daughter continues to place her hope in justice. “I believe in justice, I don’t want to believe in the law of free will, eye for an eye, I don’t want to believe that. I want to believe that we are in a state of law and that the law exists and that justice exists ”, he assures.

“I am convinced that justice will be done and that at least I will be given the opportunity to determine whether what I am saying is true or not can be settled in a trial. I am not talking about a sentence, but that I am given the possibility that this procedure be settled in a court”, Insists Carrasco.

Rocío Carrasco in 'Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive. '

Rocío Carrasco in ‘Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive. ‘