Rocío Carrasco explodes before a homophobic comment by Antonio David

Telecinco continues to broadcast episodes of documentary about the life of Rocío Carrasco, in which Rocío Jurado’s daughter reviews very hard moments about her marriage to Antonio David Flores, whom she accuses of having mistreated her.

This Wednesday, in addition, a comment was issued that leaves the former collaborator of ’Save me’ in a bad place, and that Rocío acknowledged not having seen before.

It was on June 29, 2004 in the program ‘Day by Day’ when Antonio David explained that his son David enjoyed singing the song “Like a wave from his grandmother,” Rocío Jurado, to which Carolina Ferre asked “Do you sing like Rocío Jurado or like Ortega Cano?”.

Ideally, sing like your grandmother, because it carries her blood. I think the answer is clear“Replied the former Civil Guard, because”everything sticksFerre replied, giving way to the controversial comment.

That yes and that is the problem, that is the problem … that many times I see him with little skirts and that”He released, a few words that provoked the incredulity of Rocío Carrasco when he heard them.

How? I had not seen these images that I just saw, but it seems very strong to me. He says it meanly. Right now I can’t tell you any of this, because a lot of things come to my mind that I shouldn’t say”Lamented Rocío Jurado’s daughter.

Rocio Carrasco has decided that it is time to speak live. After several weeks of broadcasting ‘Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive‘, Carrasco will be present next week on the Telecinco set to clarify any doubts that may have arisen so far.

This was announced by herself this Wednesday through a live phone call, just before the broadcast of the seventh episode of the documentary began.

I’m good”, Has begun the daughter of Rocío Jurado. “I’m calling for two things. First, good night to all of you in front of and behind the cameras. I wanted to reiterate in the audio message I sent you the other day and I wanted to reiterate in thanks. Thank you in capital letters ”, said Carrasco.

And second. I wanted to tell you something. I know that during these weeks that the documentary series has been broadcast There has been a lot of information that all of you have had to digest
and what to see and assimilate. It is not easy, it is not easy to tell a life of 20 years in a few weeks ”, continued the ex-wife of Antonio David Flores.

“I think that at this point, that we are in the middle of the series, of that story that is my life for 20-odd years … I think it’s time to stop the broadcast”, Then Rocío Carrasco asserted. “And use that stop to be able to solve, clarify points. In order to explain some things that I suppose that you and the people at home will have wondered or said ‘this why and the other why’ ”, he explained.