Rocío Carrasco explains why she does not pick up the phone from her daughter

Rocio Carrasco has been this Wednesday live on Telecinco, where he has starred in a special program in which he has granted his most difficult interview. The objective of the meeting was to resolve all the doubts that have so far arisen as a result of the broadcast of the documentary series’Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive‘, But as a result of the latest statements by Dew Flowers On television, her daughter has become the star topic for much of the interview. And, after weeks, Carrasco has answered the most repeated question: why don’t you pick up your daughter’s phone.

The guest, who entered the set very excited and unable to avoid tears, was asked practically at the beginning by Rocío Flores. Carrasco has spoken as never before about the bad treatments that he received from his daughter and, specifically, from the last episode that occurred andl July 27, 2012, moment from which stopped having contact with her. But, in addition, he has revealed why now, after years, he does not pick up the phone from Rocío, who claimed last week having called his mother again.

It is something that comes from the audience and the collaborators of Mediaset they have been recriminating to Carrasco. They did not understand why he was unable to answer his daughter’s phone despite the fact that, publicly at least, he had built bridges to her mother. In addition to ensuring that he does not blame Rocío Flores for what he did in the past, the guest has also answered this great question. The answer is simple: is psychologically unprepared to do so.

Rocío Carrasco, live on Telecinco starring in her most difficult interview.

Rocío Carrasco: “I’m not ready and she is not ready”

I know I’m not ready for it and I know she’s not ready for it. And I know that the conditions are not ideal. And I know that everything that revolves around is not the ideal environment to carry out according to what things “, responded the daughter of Rocío Jurado, visibly affected.

“What has to happen for you to call her or she call you?” Jorge Javier Vazquez. “Weather. And that I am prepared and that she is prepared. I’m not going to say what she should do. What I have to do is prepare”, He assured.

“And how are you preparing?” Added the presenter. “With therapy, with drugs. When I say ‘I’m not ready’ it’s because I have a team behind me that says ‘don’t do that, you’re going to go back to the beginning, to the starting box’. And then I don’t do it ”, explained the ex-wife of Antonio David Flores.

Then, Carlota Corredera He has asked the artist’s daughter what she felt when she saw a call from Rocío Flores on the phone, whom she has registered as ‘Ro’. “Everything happens to me. I feel fear, I feel insecurity, which is all I do not want to feel again (…) It took me a long time and a lot of work to get to where I am today. I don’t want to panic again (…) I don’t want to go back to that. And it has cost me a lot of work ”, has confessed Carrasco.

Rocío Carrasco, live on Telecinco starring in her most difficult interview.

Rocío Carrasco, live on Telecinco starring in her most difficult interview.

Rocío Carrasco: “Never in my life have I told my daughter‘ here, do not call again, I am not your mother ’”

On the other hand, Carrasco has specified that his daughter has called a total of four times in these years. One, on December 3. And then, twice last Thursday, before the public appeal he made on Friday (when he asked in ‘Ana Rosa’s program’For her mother to contact her) and again on Saturday. In addition, the daughter of Rocío Jurado has denied that on one occasion he picked up the phone and told Flores “here do not call again, I’m not your mother”.

Never in my life have I told him. Never in my life have I told him “don’t call here again, I’m not your mother.” Never. Never in life”, Has flatly denied, denying information that on more than one occasion he had appeared in the media.