Rocío Carrasco and the harsh confession about hell that led her to a suicide attempt

The documentary series
Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive
that Telecinco has broadcast this Sunday managed to have millions of people glued to the television.

The documentary of Rocio Carrasco It reflects the hardest moment of Rocío Flores’s mother, the day she did not die. On August 5, 2019, Carrasco tried to kill himself.

Rocío Carrasco has broken her silence in a documentary in which she has begun to explain the reason that led her to step forward and speak for the first time after twenty years of silence. The daughter of “the oldest” has related how she tried to commit suicide and has confessed the reason why she did it.

The beginnings of the relationship

Rocío has told in chapter 1 of the documentary how she met Antonio David Flores in that summer of 1994, in Chipiona. When referring to that beginning of the relationship, Rocío speaks of “the illusion of a 17-year-old calf”, which today r
know that it was not love.

Avoiding naming him, Rocío recounts how those first months were with her future husband and how, from the beginning, information of disloyalty came to her from him. She preferred to believe him and shelve the rumors and admits that “When they tell you so much‘ I love you ’you believe it.”

The look of his parents

But his parents, Pedro Carrasco and Rocío Jurado they did not look favorably on Antonio David. He says that his mother begged him not to leave home when he was 18 and that his father told him: “he is going to ruin your life and you are going to come back with a belly.”

But she ignored it and left. There a new life began for her, “Play adult”, because he was going to Argentona to live with Antonio David: “My day to day was to wait for this person to come from work”.

The turning point: August 5, 2019

“At that time I was not well, because of everything I had been going through, nobody knows but I have been in psychiatric and psychological treatment since 2011. I did not want to leave my house, I could not develop my life as a normal personSuddenly it came to me that my daughter was going to defend her father on a set and all the previous 20 years began to pass through my head and everything that was coming over me again but with a greater element. I did not want to feel fear and shame or to feel questioned by everyone again, I did not want to continue living in those circumstances”, He began by explaining.

“That day I determined that I could not, that I had already done everything possible for all that to stop and had brought to justice an attitude and actions that I considered abuse. The only way it would all end was to get me out of the way. I took several different pills and fell asleep, ”Rocío said.