Rocío Carrasco, a life marked by fame, controversy and mistreatment

I had not set foot on a television set for 20 years, but Rocio Carrasco was put in front of the cameras again last Wednesday to answer all the doubts and comments that his shocking documentary has generated Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive.

The daughter of Rocío Jurado has revealed in this documentary that she was a victim of gender violence by Antonio David Flores, her now ex-husband, and also Dew Flowers, his daughter.

In the interview, Carrasco wanted to clarify some aspects of his story in the documentary, especially those related to his suicide attempt.

Fame, controversy and mistreatment

Rocío Carrasco allowed herself to be interviewed in
, the same chain that broadcasts this documentary series in which the daughter of Rocío Jurado recounts all the details of his brief and stormy stage together with Antonio David Flores and the events that took place after their high-profile divorce.

In addition to bringing the gender violence and cause an increase in complaints from other women who have been reflected, the documentary about Rocío Carrasco has brought up to date a character whose life has been marked, since her birth, by fame, controversy and as we now know , also by the violence and abuse.

Moments that have marked the life of Rocío Carrasco

Since his birth on April 29, 1977, the life of Rocio Carrasco She has been under the media spotlight, precisely because she is the daughter of two great personalities of Spanish culture and sports, the singer Rocío Jurado and the boxer Pedro Carrasco.

His popularity soared, however, from the age of 15 when he began what would be a brief career as a runway model. Soon, however, it would make the leap to television, promoted at the time by Maria Teresa Campos.

Antonio David: A nice Civil Guard

However, the life of Rocío Flores begins to be of real interest when, still very young, she falls in love with a Civil Guard who apparently did not know who she was.

It was Antonio David Flores, who over time has become one of the best-known faces on television for his collaborations on numerous programs. Now, after the story of his ex-wife, he has been banished from Telecinco.

A woman accuses Antonio David of being disloyal to Olga: “I have proof of everything.”

The love between these two young people filled numerous magazine covers and when nobody expected it, the bomb jumped: Rocío Carrasco left everything to go to Argentona, where Antonio David Flores had been assigned.

Soon after, she became pregnant and the episodes of mistreatment, as Rocío Carrasco has told in the documentary, did not take long to arrive.

Assaults, abuse and divorce

On the 13th of October 1996, Rocío gave birth to her first daughter, Dew Flowers, the same name as her grandmother and her for continuing the family tradition. So far, everything seemed to be going well.

“I am beginning to realize that the things they were telling me could be true. He would disappear and appear with the girlfriend of a colleague ”, Carrasco said in one of the first chapters of the documentary.

The fine imposed on Antonio David for having appropriated 50,000 pesetas only made matters worse. During his house arrest, the first strong argument came. “He physically assaults them without knowing that one of them is the son of the corporal of the Civil Guard. There is a trial and another sentence falls, ”he explained in reference to an attack on his children.

The worst came after his rehabilitation for a traffic accident. “There was some verbal aggression, it was useless, you are useless, you are fat, you are stupid … and it is no longer the word, it is the form,” he said.

Rocío Carrasco in 'Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive. '

Rocío Carrasco in ‘Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive. ‘

Everything got worse. “I remember a hair pulling, it grabs my hair and turns me down, but I don’t know where the reason for that comes from. On the one hand I feel that I want to go home, which I am not going to do, and on the other I was unable to move but I say I get up and blow it up. But I did neither. I am not sure how it happened, but it happened and it grew older ”, he said.

Another memory, the assault on the couch next to a stretcher table: “He grabs my hair and hit me with his head on the table and went up, blaming me for everything that happened to him at that moment. There are many episodes in my life from that time that I don’t know if for personal defense or what, I have forgotten them ”.

The divorce between Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David It arrives in the summer of 1999.

Rocío Carrasco, isolated and abducted

During all these years of silence, the null relationship that he has maintained with his family has been highlighted, all of them media and habitual within the panorama of the heart.

Amador Mohedano, your uncle; Rosa Benito, his aunt; Chayo Mohedano, his cousin; Rachel Mosquera, widow of his father; José Ortega Cano, his mother’s widower; nor his two brothers Gloria Camila and José Fernando. With none of them he maintains a relationship.

Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac, in a file photo.

Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac, in a file photo.

His circle has shrunk to Fidel Albiac, her current husband, and a small group of friends among which the Campos clan, Alba Carrillo, the directors of Sálvame and the journalist Belén Rodríguez stand out.

Of all of them, Albiac has been the target of all criticism. He has been accused for years of having Rocío Carrasco abducted and locked up, although with her recent interview the protagonist wanted to make it clear that none of this was true.

The medication and therapy, with a suicide attempt involved, as a consequence of all the narrated episodes and those that remain to be explained have prevented Rociíto from leading a fairly normal life.

Thus, there has been an unexpected script twist that places Fidel Albiac as Carrasco’s savior and protector during all these years of pain and silence.

Mother and daughter

The relationship between Rocío Carrasco and her daughter Rocío Flores has been characterized by not existing for a few years. The first-born has preferred to side with Antonio David Flores in this fierce war and, despite her mother’s testimony, she continues to support the man from Malaga.

However, the eldest of the Flores brothers has expressed on more than one occasion that she wants to resume his relationship with Rocío Carrasco, despite the fact that it has ensured that neither of the two is ready.

Rocío Flores on the set of 'No Man's Land'.

Rocío Flores on the set of ‘No Man’s Land’.

The bad relationship between mother and daughter It dates back to July 2012, when the daughter gave Rocío Carrasco a great beating. In addition to the assault, Antonio David Flores took the opportunity to file a false complaint against her for mistreatment that never happened.

According to Carrasco, his daughter, just after committing the attack, called Antonio David Flores to inform him that he had already done so. For this reason, the protagonist of the documentary considers that behind the mistreatment was her father.