Roberto Carlos: ‘Salah is not going to get close to Sergio Ramos’

Carlos, legend of Real
Madrid, he recalled after the match before the Liverpool in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, the action of Sergio
Bouquets in which he injured the Egyptian Mohamed salah in the end of Kiev, and joked with the reunion after the controversy that caused the action.

Salah it’s not going to come close to Sergio“he joked Robert
Carlos. “It will be an action that will be talked about a lot,” he added before highlighting the importance of reaping a good result in the first leg in Madrid. “We are going to play against a good team. The first game is at home, the moment of Real
Madrid It is great and must decide the tie at home, “he said.

For it, Roberto Carlos stressed the importance of Zidane can have his entire squad and that he does not suffer injuries that have diminished him at times this season.

“The important is that Zidane have all your players ready, come back as quickly as possible. It’s easy for him to be a coach here because he has the best at his disposal. If a match doesn’t go well, he has eight top-level players waiting to play. You have to be concerned with Liverpool, but they more, “he said.

The Brazilian analyzed the change in style that the arrival of Thiago
Alcantara and the problems he sees in his classmates to understand him.

“The Liverpool before it was a ball for the forwards and it has arrived Thiago with his quality, he begins to play and the teammates have not adapted to his style of play. The problem is not ThiagoIt is the change in the style of teammates who were used to playing with balls, “he said.