Roberto Carballés gives a turn to his sports career

The Spanish tennis player Roberto Carballés Baena, which currently occupies 96th position in the ATP ranking, has set the goal of “advancing as much as possible in major tournaments” in this year 2021, in which he will train in Granada under Jose Maria Garrido.

Carballés Baena, from Tenerife by birth but who lived and trained tennis since his beginnings in Granada, indicated this Wednesday that he faces “eagerly” a year that will be “rare” and that will begin with his participation in the Australian Open.

“The objective for Australia and for the rest of the year is to try to advance as much as possible in the important tournaments of the calendar, which in the end are the ones that give the most points,” explained the tennis player during the reception of which he was the protagonist this afternoon at the Granada City Council.

Carballés Baena, 27 years old and who in 2018 reached the 72nd position in the ATP, confirmed that after thirteen years training outside of Granada, most of that time in Barcelona, ​​this season he will exercise in the Royal Tennis Society of Granada with José María Garrido, who was his first coach and who now directs his career again.

The tennis player was “very happy to return home” as the epicenter of a team in which they will also be integrated Pedro Franco as a physical trainer and Jesus Olmo As a doctor.

The mayor of Granada, Luis Salvador, announced during the reception that Carballés is “an ambassador of Granada” because “he represents the city throughout the world” and that from now on he will wear the Granada logo on his clothing.

The mayor described the tennis player as “the heir of historical” Granadans of this sport as Manolo Orantes or Jose Higueras, and urged him to “be ambitious” and “continue to grow within the ATP”, something for which he will have “all the support of the city of Granada”.