River announces that Conmebol does not allow it to register another goalkeeper!

Rodolfo D’Onofrio, President of River
Plate, reported this Tuesday that the Conmebol did not allow them to register the youth goalkeeper Alan
Diaz on the Cup
Liberators after they caught coronavirus twenty players, including the four goalkeepers.

“We accept it, but we cannot stop setting the mood we have. We are surprised, we would never have thought that they could make a decision of this type,” he said. D’Onofrio in dialogue with ‘ESPN‘.

We are surprised

“There is an article that plans to replace the goalkeeper due to a serious injury, the Covid is a serious injury. The four professional goalkeepers have been infected, what we are asking is to be able to replace them, I never thought they could make a decision of this type,” he added.

The president of River He maintained that they do not seek to gain “advantage”, but to register a youth.

“The seriousness of the Copa Libertadores requires that we play with a goalkeeper. Otherwise it is impossible. In 1909 it was the only time that River played with a goalkeeper who was a field player, it was amateur football. It was more worthy that they let us score at least one goalkeeper. It is a key position. We are not asking a favor, we are saying that it corresponds to us, “he said.

Without an archer it is impossible

River plate suffered a Covid-19 outbreak that affected 20 players, four of them goalkeepers.

The Millionaire will receive this Wednesday the Colombian Independent
Faith on the fifth matchday of Group D of the Cup

Fluminense is leader with eight points, they follow River
Plate with six, Junior de Barranquilla with three and Independiente Santa Fe with two.

Coach Marcelo
Gallant He only has ten players at his disposal: the defenders Fabrizio
Angileri, Jonathan
Maidana, Hector
Martinez, Milton
Helmet Y Thomas
Lecanda, midfielders Jorge
Carrascal, Joseph
Paradela Y Philip
Biafore and the forwards Julian
Alvarez Y Agustin

The defender Javier
Pinola and the midfielder Enzo
Perez, injured, they could play despite not being in optimal physical condition.