Risto Mejide tests positive for Covid-19 despite being vaccinated with the full schedule

Risto Mejide and his wife, the ‘influencer’ Laura Escanes, have tested positive for coronavirus. The publicist and presenter of ‘Everything is a lie’ was already vaccinated with the full guideline, however, even so he has not been spared from contracting Covid-19.

However, Risto Mejide has explained through social networks that “Thanks to being vaccinated, at the moment the symptoms are not a big thing, so please get vaccinated ”.

This is how the presenter reported his positive for coronavirus: “After having dodged the first four waves. After having spent more than a year working almost every day and without contagion. After having vaccinated myself for the first and second doses. This week I have tested positive for Covid. And what is worse, part of my family too ”.

“Now we can only hope that it does not go to more, that it happens soon and that the vaccine does its job. In the meantime, please take good care of yourself. Let no one trust it, that the virus is still here, among us ”.

“I take this opportunity to tell you that thanks to being vaccinated, at the moment the symptoms are not great, so please vaccinate yourself. And of course thanks to our public health and our toilets, which are – by far – the best we have in this country, ”concluded Risto Mejide, attaching the hashtag‘ Yomevacuno ’.