Risto Mejide responds to rumors of breakup with Laura Escanes: ‘the hosts come alone’

“You have to celebrate things. As small as they are. Because then the hosts come alone. Here celebrating the launch of #The gossip with the woman of my life”. With these words he has put an end Risto Mejide to the rumors of separation that, during the last months, have flown over their marriage. And he has finished his message with his now mythical “I love you #toelrrato Laura Escanes”.

Some rumors that Laura herself had already denied a few weeks ago through her account Instagram. And it all started, precisely, with some statements of hers in which she assured that obviously the sexual aspect with her husband was no longer the same as at the beginning.

So it seems that, despite the fact that obviously (as in all couples) the butterflies have been disappearing with the passage of time, Risto and Laura They are just as in love as always and happy with his daughter Roma.

Personally, the publicist is going through a sweet moment with the launch, as we said, of his eighth book, ‘The Gossip’. A story that invites the reader to something more unusual than it seems, to think.