Risto Mejide charges against Toni Cantó: ‘He has deceived all the spectators’

Just a few days ago Toni Cantó He was willing to sign for the program ‘Everything is a lie’ after announcing his departure from Ciudadanos. Everything pointed to it when the former coordinator of the orange party he felt “disenchanted” with politics in general and that he was looking for things that would excite him.

After the announcement of the PP with the signing of Toni Cantó for the next Madrid elections on May 4, the presenter Risto Mejide has been visibly angry for what has happened.

“I don’t want to sulk. You can change your mind in your life, many times, you can even change your party sometime… ”, Risto began by saying.

After that, the program “Everything is a lie” has shown evidence where Toni Cantó had clearly accepted the program’s proposal. “It’s not that we need ex-politicians among us, what we need is real people “, continued Risto Mejide.

“I am not angry, I am deeply sad. It is not that he has not betrayed, it is that he has made us 13/14, as they say in my house. We will show with evidence that Toni Cantó has deceived all viewers of this program. He made us believe that he would be a collaborator in this program ”.

In this sense, Risto has assured that the program spoke with Cantó to close an agreement and that his response was positive, although he asked them “two days to disconnect.”

After that period, the program contacted the politician again, who again asked them for “two or three days of disconnection.”

It seemed close to the beginning of Cantó with the program, since the former Citizen wrote to set the date: “I’m going to ask you for a favor. Would there be a possibility to start next week? I need to disconnect a bit, please. “

He had even finally set next Monday as his debut on the show. “Okay. Thank you, ”wrote Cantó