Ríos: ‘Betis has made a tremendous leap in quality’

Roberto Rios, former player and assistant coach of Real Betis -with whom he debuted in First- and Athletic Club -where he hung up his boots, after starring in the most expensive transfer in the history of the Bilbao club- has referred to the clash that will measure his former teams after the break garter belt.

Of the real Betis Roberto highlights Rivers the growth of the club in recent times: “They have made a tremendous leap in quality. In my time as a player Betis I came from a complex situation having to become a Sports Limited Company and the situation was reversed, while when I entered as a coach I experienced a similar situation in the economic section. The team had been relegated to Second, had not managed to get promoted the first year and we found ourselves again with Betis with many problems, but we managed to go up to First and it is a club that has always had a lot of life. When things are complicated, the fans pull a lot and right now it is another story, being a Betis with much more potential and having a structure that has grown a lot, ”he explained in the Deia newspaper.

Rivers positively values ​​the arrival of Manuel Pellegrini to the Betis bench. “They will arrive at San Mamés in the same vein as last year if they did not take the regularity that is so demanded here. They have played very good games and others in which they have not been so fine, so they have not yet caught that positive streak, although this has just begun and I trust that in the end both Athletic and Betis will be halfway up the table , with options to aspire to something beautiful. They will grow during the season, “he said.

Robert Rivers He also analyzed the current moment of Athletic: “I have seen that there is a bit of a commotion in not achieving that regularity that they have had at other times, but what is being experienced is complicated for all clubs, coaches and players. Is not easy. The field factor has also disappeared, but I see Athletic as fierce as always, working well on defense and with the problem, like many teams, that it lacks something else. That said, Madrid also complains about that. When the ball doesn’t go in … ”.

During last summer, before the signing of Antonio Cordón, Roberto’s name Rivers sounded like a candidate to be part of the sports management of Real Betis, a profession in which he would like to make his way: “Yes, but they were just rumors. There was nothing really. If the conditions were to come back and do good things, delighted. All that is to help and contribute, welcome. What has drawn me the most since I stopped playing has been the field of sports management and that is what attracts me the most, although life has taken me the other way in recent years as I have been working with Pepe Mel. In this life you cannot close yourself to anything ”.