Ricky Rubio’s applauded response on the use of the mask

The NBA has returned to action in the Orlando bubble and players must strictly adhere to a series of rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus and one of them is the compulsory use of mask throughout the Disney resort, except when they are in their rooms and during training and games.

The Spanish Ricky Rubio, Base of the Phoenix Suns, is one of the players who is competing these days and has wanted to make his fans aware of the importance of wearing a mask. Ricky posted a picture wearing the mask and attached the hashtag #WearAMask, but one of his fans didn’t seem to like the Suns player’s post.

“If you want. Wear the mask if you want. Don’t force people, ”said the follower to the photo of Ricky Rubio, who did not hesitate to reply.

“If it only affected you, then yes. But it affects other people’s lives, so there is no choice. All the experts are saying the same thing, and that is that with a mask, the risk of expanding COVID-19 is much less. I hope you understand and stay healthy, friend, “he wrote Ricky Rubio, in a comment that has been widely applauded by other users on the networks.