Ricciardo, the surprise of the first day of GP 70th anniversary at Silverstone

Hamilton and Bottas. Bottas and Hamilton. Victory in the GP 70th anniversary of Formula 1 it is in your hands. With a Mercedes which is a world away from the rest, it seems unlikely that someone will be able to tickle the two ‘black arrows’ in this fifth race of the year, and for now, both imposed their rhythm at the wheel of a Mercedes Unattainable on the first day of free practice of the second English round of the course. The first session was for the Finn, and the second for a Hamilton He didn’t give the impression of having to sweat a lot to set the best time of the day in his qualifying simulation. The pole this Saturday is between the two men from Mercedes, with Max verstappen as the only rider who can get a little closer to both and with the only doubt that the drop in temperatures expected for Saturday and Sunday will knock down any pool a bit. But above all, with the hope that the great degradation that the tires are suffering can make the matter ‘spicy’ with a race with a great diversity of strategies that changes a little the planned script of the weekend film.

It remains to be seen if that could complicate things a little more for Mercedes that are more than warned after the puncture suffered by their two cars in the final part of the past. British F1 GP, just a few days ago, in this same setting. But for now, the uncertainty moves especially in the middle zone, which as always, is very tight.

The Racing Points, firmer

In it, the two Racing Point seem to have improved their performance compared to last weekend, with a Hülkenberg again replacing ‘Checo’ Pérez with his new positive in coronavirus much more settled in the controversial Mercedes Rosa.

Nico, who could not race last Sunday due to a last minute problem in his car, should on paper subtract one position from Q3 to the rest since the Racing Point He must be at the top in the standings, and that tightens things even more in the fight to lead the “Second Division” of the grid.

Hülkenberg replaces Checo again at Silverstone

Leclerc, just behind

There, Leclerc I should be fighting pink cars with a Ferrari which this Friday placed in seventh position. The Italian team, which continues to perform well below its level due to its speed deficit due to its engine, tried to work with a less unloaded car compared to a week ago to improve race pace. Charles he returned to comply with the weapons he has, not like that Sebastian Vettel, which finished in 14th position. He does not feel comfortable with the red car and on top of that, he suffered a new reliability problem in addition to those of last week: his engine failed. A skinny dog, everything is fleas, but the truth is that with this reliability failure, Ferrari the dwarfs continue to grow.

Renault-McLaren battle

After Leclerc, one of the great battles that took place in the last GP should be repeated, that of McLaren and Renault. Although for the moment, the French seemed to start on a better footing, especially with a surprising Ricciardo, the great positive news of the day, which slipped into the top three, at 0 ”815 from Hamilton. Surely, it must have been completely unloaded, but be that as it may, it marked a good time with a great turn that serves as a warning to McLaren.

Ricciardo achieved the third fastest time of the GP 70 anniversary of F1
Ricciardo achieved the third fastest time of the GP 70 anniversary of F1

McLaren, different strategy

Sainz claimed before this Grand Prix that Renault it was worse in a turn than his car, but the French were better in race pace on Sundays. We will see if that script is fulfilled for this race, but for now, McLaren focused on doing a different job than the rest, being the only team that only mounted soft tires on this first day of on-track action.

Possibly, the British worked thinking of using the medium tire to try to enter Q3 after seeing the enormous degradation of this tire. McLaren may prefer to stay out of the top ten on this occasion before sneaking in with the soft rubber, knowing that doing so could pay dearly in the race.

McLaren is one of the teams that suffers the most from soft tire degradation and they studied it today. Also, considering that the tires this weekend are a point softer than a few days ago, the Woking team could try to prioritize the race to the ‘qualy’.